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Sitka Outfitter & Guide Converge

Sitka Outfitter & Guide Converge

July 17, 2017 by

Beau Davis and myself recently returned from the invite only Sitka Outfitter and Guide Converge in beautiful Bozeman Montana. Firstly I would like to say thanks to all the folks at Sitka put on a great 3 1/2 day program!!! After meeting a lot of the team of Sitka its no wonder that the product that they produce is top of the line. All the staff were very hard working and down to earth. They all shared the passion for the outdoors as much as we outfitters do. A lot of thought goes into all of there products, not to mention all the testing. All the events and seminars were well thought out and informative. The events were from camp cook offs to guide skill competitions. The seminars from all the sponsors were very helpful as well as the outfitter business seminars.

The seminars ranged from all the partners Benelli,Kimber,Tanglefree,Leupold,Yeti, & Mathews. All the vendor representatives were great to talk to and were very willing to answer all of our questions. The outfitter business related seminars were extremely helpful. We both walked away with a ton of great information on topics such as business accounting,business insurance to social media advertizing. I feel everyone who attended these seminars were benefited.

On Saturday they had us all go out to the range for a "range day" I was real a blast  LOL  All the sponsors were there and allowed us to test and use all of there products that they had brought with them. We enjoyed shooting the new Benelli SBE III it is a awesome new twist to the SBEII. We will have to get one of them before the season starts!!! Kimber and Mathews also allowed us to text there new rifles and bows. Leupold had all there new bino's and there new spotting scopes for us to use on some of the Montana landscape. Again I would like to thanks those guys and gal's.

It was great to meet some new people and make some great contacts within this industry.

 Not to mention that all the entertainment and meals that Sitka provided us were first class. I know both of us are looking forward to attending next year’s converge!!!

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