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Alberta Waterfowl Hunts

Callin N Fallin Outfitters LTD (CNFO) provides top-quality waterfowl hunting opportunities in North/Central Alberta, Canada.

Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting

The plumage on the ducks starts to color up around the last few weeks of September and increases as we move into October. By the middle of October, the duck colors are outstanding. This allows us to target more “green heads”, which helps promote the future health of the duck population. CNFO has a very large hunting area that allows us to provide up to 4 spotters. We are then able to rotate our hunting pressure over these areas. We strive to keep our hunters on fresh birds as much as possible.

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Alberta Goose Hunting

North/Central Alberta, Canada holds some of the best goose hunting in the world. The density of our birds, both local and migratory, is high, producing high volume shooting throughout the entire hunting season. We predominantly hunt geese in the morning and generally target ducks in the afternoon, depending on the daily limit of the group, as well as their preference. You will see almost all the sub species of Canadian geese. There are also several white fronted (Speckle Belly), Blues, Ross’s, and Snow geese.

Goose Hunting Season

At CNFO, our season begins on September 1st and continues to the end of October; predominately we hunt dry crop fields, but sometimes we hunt over small ponds/dugouts for ducks.

Hunt Package Rates

Hunting Methods

Every fall, from decades past, uncountable amounts of birds (both local and migratory) stage in our large hunting areas. These areas consist of mixed timber- large agriculture fields of peas, wheat and grain. Local birds use these fields and potholes in everyday life.  The migrating birds use these fields as their gorging grounds as they start their long trek south for the winter. To most of these birds, we may be the first decoy spread and hunters they encounter. Can you just imagine the shooting opportunities this provides?

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The Hunting Lodge

The waterfowl hunting lodge is an located 1.5 hour drive from Edmonton. Tucked away within a quiet country location, the surrounding area is a duck hunters paradise. The lodge has a rustic and old fashion feel, much like a large classic home. It can easily sleep eight, and possibly a few more if needed. After the hunt, this is the perfect local to unwind and enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal. If you're not tuckered out from the hunt, kick-back & enjoy a drink and some hunting stories. An adrenaline pumping day, combined with a cocktail or two, is a recipe for a great night's sleep to get up and do it all over again the next day!

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We hunt over top-quality, full body Avian X decoys, as well as a variety of styles of field blinds, to accommodate all different hunting situations.  Our guides strive to call the birds in close for some classic feet-out shooting. We sometimes allow the smaller flocks to get in the decoys while awaiting the large incoming flocks to come in behind them.



We exclusively outfit for waterfowl hunting. This allows us to focus on providing the best waterfowl opportunities, coupled with using the latest up to date equipment; this combination allows us to provide our clients the waterfowl action Alberta is famous for. Callin N Fallin Outfitters firmly believes spotting is the key. We have a minimum of two spotters per group out in the mornings and evenings. In doing so, we can adjust accordingly to the changes in bird patterns.



All of our guides are experienced in calling and decoy setups in the field, with a minimum of 6 years waterfowl guide experience. This combination is what we feel will provide our clients with the best possible hunting opportunities.

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Early Season Hunting

Early during the season, we are fortunate to have a strong, local population of ducks and geese, mainly greater and lesser Canada geese, Specs, Mallards, and Pintails. There are many potholes, dugouts, and rivers for our birds to roost in. Combined with large amounts of agriculture fields, this is a recipe for some excellent staging areas for the birds.